Cyclos Estate

Villa in the Greek island of Paros (SOLD)

τ.μ.: 2.550 m²
Τιμή: 520.000 €
Πάρκινγκ: Ναι
520.000 €



Villa in the most beautiful Greek Island of Paros:

A three level residence 132M2 witch is situated in a three facing plot and its area is 2550M2. A distance from the sea is only 120M

PERGOLAS – GARDEN • PERGOLAS – The residence has two pergolas approximately 25m2 each and a pergola of 100m2 which consists of a veranda – living room with an exterior kitchen and two parking spots. Next to the parking there is an exterior douche of hot and cold water. The installation of central sound system covers the interior of the residence and the two pergolas as well. The above pergolas have the infrastructure for two exterior TVs as well.

THE GROUND FLOOR • THE GROUND FLOOR is 82 m2 and it consists of living room, WC, Master Bedroom and kitchen • THE LIVING ROOM of the ground floor has a spectacular view to the sea and it has a partial internal masonry with obvious stones. The place is heated and cooled by a central air-conditioning system which is hidden and air tubed (energy class A++) (Mitsubishi) . Half of the living room is lit by downlights and the rest of it by wall lighting. • THE ELEVATED KITCHEN – DINING ROOM has two windows and a central entrance which leads to a south exterior pergola. The kitchen’s furniture are (contra plaque) sea oak and lacquer. The kitchen’s cupboards have also dowlights.

THE EN SUITE BEDROOM THE EN SUITE BEDROOM has a bathroom which is excellent decorated and it combines the floor tiles with the pressing cement mortar. The bedroom has opposite windows for its excellent ventilation. In the (kingsize) bedroom there are dowlights and central lighting The wardrobes of the bedroom consist of the basics and downlights.

W.C – BATHROOMS The ground floor’s WC like the other three bathrooms of the residence have natural lighting and ventilation, first quality sanitary wares stone basins and custom made bath furniture. The lighting of the bathroom is double: Dowlights and mirror lighting by choice.

THE SECOND BEDROOM THE SECOND BEDROOM of approximately 20m2 are located in the semi-basement which has a big window and a complete bathroom.

THE NEXT BEDROOM – APPARTMENT THE NEXT BEDROOM – APPARTMENT 35m2 is located at the first floor of the building and has a spectacular view to the sea and absolute independence. The 1st floor has a bedroom with a kitchenette, wardrobe and a bathroom. The veranda is 40m2 and has double view to the beach and to Antiparos – Pounta


TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION • Supply of 3 phase current (5 electrical panels, one per lever and one exterior electrical panel for the garden and one for the surrounding area). • Alarm System • Central Air Conditioning Unit (Mitsubishi with airtubes A++). • Double plasterboard internally with insulation of stonewool and energy crystals. • THE INSULATIONS AND THE AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEM CLASSIFIES THE RESIDENCE AS ENERGY CLASS B. • This results in the least energy consumtion. • Central sound installation (exterior interior). • Architectural lighting which accents the building and garden lighting (sensors of movement and twilight). • Two garage entrances and a pedestrians ramp. • Architectural study by a garden technician – agricultural expert plantation of 1600 trees – bushes. Automatic watering. • Stone – Walled masonry 200m. • Tank for the selection of rain water


Καθαρά Τετραγωνικά : 2.550 m²
Τύπος Θέρμανσης : Ηλιακός Θερμοσίφωνας
Ενεργειακή Κλάση : A
Πάρκινγκ : Ναι



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